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It is about a talented Ukrainian artist Valery Bulat, his paintings
of the Orthodox Cathedral. The development of the young artist
took place in the communist "stagnant" years of the 1980s and
during "perestroika".  His world view was formed under the
influence of his wife Elena and greatly influenced by the elegant
Fun stories for children and adults with funny pictures from the life of cats and dogs. Cat Tosha was very confident, thinking that he was God, while making
his own rules in his owner house. But once he visited a resort town on the black sea - Gelendzik, met some local bully cats and fought for his life. After that
adventure, Tosha came back to his home in St. Petersburg to value more his comfortable life. Then, he began to care for a puppy named Brake and made a
good friendship with him. This book is about some specific characteristics of our most beloved pets.
This book is about passions, errors of youth, love, and how the absence of
it in a childhood influences people. A girl faith in miracles was an escape
from the hardship. It gave her the determination for success. It is about a
life that not many would survive, keep enthusiasm and trust in a better
future. You will be inspired and transformed by it. It is a pleasant stroll
through the old Gelendzik.
It is about a strange game of fate. The threads of some events began in the 19th century,
and a hundred years later, came to their logical conclusion. Invisible, connecting threads
sped to the other end of the earth, across the ocean, continuing to weave the paths of fate,
connecting the past with the future. The book tells about how the Soviet woman Alena
made a bit and moved to America, how she lived there, looking for her happiness. In life,
there is practically nothing impossible to overcome, if a person sets goals for himself, he
can achieve them no matter what. You can start life anew, meet love and be happy at any
age. Seven years old in 1961, a little Russian girl Alena was listening to the radio when
suddenly the announcer indignantly announced shocking news. An American student
Victusha and his friend, tried to transport a woman from East Berlin to West. But they
were stopped, searched and sent to prison. The girl Alena could not imagine at all that in
some magical way in thirty-five years this boy would become her devoted and loving
husband. Several years later,once Alena wanted to draw attention to herself and loudly
declared: “And I will live in America!” In the 1960s, during the Cold War between Russia
and America, to wish such a loud aloud was simply outrageous revolutionary blasphemy.
But many years later, this is what happened. Later, when Alena was only twenty years
old, she experienced a situation similar to Victusha, ending up in a Soviet prison. And
then, once in the Pacific Ocean, she had a shocking discovery and she remembered the
secret of her mother's priceless pearl beads. Happiness is always within man himself. The
law of happiness is to collect grains of joy every day, string them like beads on the
threads of events, and always carry a joyful necklace of happiness with you. Life
repeated the only wisdom: if there is love, it must be protected.
Книга “Замуж за Американца” о странной игре судьбы.  История о том, как
советская женщина «на спор» перебралась в Америку, как она там жила, ища своё
счастье в новых условиях. Это мотивирующая книга о Геленджикской девочке, её
стремлении уехать в Америку, о стереотипах и разбитых иллюзиях, о проблемах и
стрессах в новой стране, о её двух Американских мужьях, и как она добилась  
успеха. Невидимые, связующие нити неслись на другой конец земли, через океан,
продолжая плести дороги судьбы, связывая прошлое с будущим. В жизни
практически нет ничего не преодолимого. Начать жизнь заново, встретить любовь,
быть счастливым можно в любом возрасте.  Однажды, на прогулке Алёна хотела
обратить на себя внимание и заявила: А я буду жить в Америке!  А в 1960е года, во
времена начавшейся “холодной войны “пожелать такое громко вслух было просто
возмутительно-революционным кощунством.  В августа 1961 года, Алена слушала
радио, и вдруг диктор с негодованием объявил, что 20летний американский студент
Виктор и его друг пытались перевезти девушку из Восточного Берлина в слушая
советское радио, истерически осуждающее Американских студентов, Алена совсем
не могла представить, что каким-то волшебным образом через тридцать пять лет
этот мальчик станет её мужем.  Когда Алене было только двадцать лет, она пережила
похожую ситуацию, что пережил Виктор, оказавшись в Советской тюрьме.  А 20
лет спустя в Тихом океане произошло шокирующее открытие, она вспомнила тайну
бесценных жемчужных бус её матери. Жизнь повторяла единственную мудрость:
если есть любовь, её надо беречь.  
These are three fascinating, colorful books for children. Each of them is a continuation of the previous one.
One Moon For All. Book 1. Kittens of Magical St.Petersburg
One Moon For All. Book 2. Tosha's Vacation
One Moon for All. Book 3. Friendship of Tosha and Break
The first book of the trilogy about the kittens of the magical, Russian city St. Petersburg.  
It gives brief information about the embankments of he city, where cats live and have fun.
This is the story of the birth of the kitten Tosha, about his friends who lived under the
bridges of the magical city on the River Neva.  Cats tend to be like their distant relatives -
lions. Many sculptures of lions are everywhere on the promenades. The cat Vasily told
legends about the sphinx and griffins.

The second book tells about Tosha’s flights from the balcony, his trip to the Black Sea, his
nightly adventures and battles with the local cats on the Black sea. Tosha was sure that he
was the highest being, and sought to subjugate all who lived nearby. When he happened to
visit Gelendzik, he met local cats there and fought for his life. Then, cat Tosha reevaluated
his St. Petersburg sybaritic life. He began to cherish everything that he had before his trip to
the South.

Third book tells about the friendship of the cat Tosha with a puppy named Break.
The books contain many color drawings and funny stories of the Author’s real cat Tosha.  
It has instructive facts from the life of cats.  Entertaining information about the character and
habits of our beloved pets will allow parents to share a pleasant time with their children
while reading these books.  Joint pastime will make life much more joyful.