Let us know the name of the dance you want to learn.
One student - one pre-paid private class with
no partner - $50. Contact
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Structure of any class: Dance Educators give an explanation of the movements, show how to do it, and then students practice it for several minutes. Then,
another explanation will be given to practice. Our tango lessons could be very intensive, and some students could learn a lot of important tango elements.
Our tango lesson is a special unique experience, as a master piece for some dedicated students. During our private, inexpensive dance lesson you get hight
quality teaching. You could take 1 single class for fun, but you would understand tango better if you take lessons persistently. They fit better as a sequence.
In every class we techniques will bring you to a good dancing.
SALSA - a very simple Latin social dance, closely related to Mambo and Cha-Cha.
SAMBA - Samba improves the flexibility of the body and helps achieve easy movement and lightness. The Samba rolling action teaches the body to move
lightly, quickly, and smoothly without effort takes study but only at the start. Although considered a good exercise, Samba should be pulsates to a unique
Latin rhythm.
SWING - The Swing is a spot dance with a carefree relaxed style and easily mastered by most people. The various speeds are excellent training for quick
footwork, good leading and following, which will add comfort and ease in other rhythm dances. After mastering the patterns, people will find Swing a fun
and exciting dance to learn and practice. Perhaps the most uniquely American of all dances, the Swing brings forth a buoyant carefree movement. It's one of
the dances that becomes contagious.
TANGO - In order to achieve the distinctive style of the Tango it is important to develop controlled staccato footwork, along with fluid graceful
movements. The unique rhythm of the music is great training for timing and phrasing which develops as the dancer becomes more proficient.
WALTZ - Waltz develops balance and control. The basic Waltz steps are the foundation patterns used in most ballroom dances. Correct posture, rise and
fall, and flowing movements should be stressed to achieve good styling. The elegant sweeping movement of the Waltz gives dancers a chance to practice
balance and to move lightly with ease
MERINGUE - Meringue develops an ability to adapt to any partner. It is the only Latin dance that combines one-step timing with Cuban Motion. The
uncomplicated timing makes it easy to feel the music.
LEARN DANCE POSITIONS: 1. Close position: Foxtrot, Waltz, Inter/Americ.Tango: when a man and a woman are in a chest (diaphragm) contact with
each other.  2. Closed (Latin, Rumba, Cha-cha): Left arm of a man straight up, bend. Right arm of a woman straight up, bend in an elbow, vertical to the
floor. If you will lower your holding arms - it would be good for Swing. No upper body contact, both are in 1 foot apart.  3. Hand hold Position (Latin
dances): Men lead a lady by using his bend in the elbow, tight, muscled left arm (as a jack, pry, lever).  Use it in a rock step. 4. Right Open: your feet father
apart. Embrace each other in 45 % angel, both facing the same direction.  7. Practice position. Pay attention to your feet
Contact us with the name of the tango steps from the list down below,
or tell us what do you want to learn. It is ONLY -
$10 (each lesson)
We are teaching Essential Fundamental Principals of the Authentic Golden Age Tango technique used in Buenos Aires. On every lesson students learn new
elements, movements and technique. Make some effort to come to learn this incredible dance and to have fun for your social dancing pleasure. After our
several private classes students could dance a simple tango. It is smart to continue to polish this beautiful dance, learn to improvise it, develop a confident
style. Then, you could learn tango classical salon, apilado (pecho), stage tango, tango-nuevo, or tango variations as milonga, tango waltz.
2 students   - 1 pre-paid private class (Ballroom) - $20per person
Invite 2 friends with you to the class or 1 extra couple  
Ballroom - 4 people (2 couples) = 10 pre-paid classes - $10 per person
One private class has a price of a group lesson.
Small cost and huge leaning experience.
10 pre-paid lessons = $15 per person per class (+$20 Tax)
2 students (1couple) - Arg.TANGO - 10 pre-paid private lessons -$25per person
Two dance instructor are teaching simultaneously!!
We have a very special soft dance floor.
Our dance floor helps students to enjoy
the dancing much more than on any other
dance floor.  Your feet would never be
tired. It is very pleasant to dance on it.
The lessons emphasize the importance of the musicality (how to dance improve strength and contribute to longevity.
Students learn how to share good time and get joy from giving.  Love and Gratitude are fundamental principles of the main rule of the beautiful tango dancing.
It will bring you inside a special mysterious world of Tango.  Tango never has ending in the learning process. It goes from one level to another, and all might
be equally good to learn and dance.  
Students learn different dance steps, influences of other
cultures and dances on Tango, similarities between
dances. They learn characteristic of tango, vocabulary,
music, the value of silent connection, balance, stability.  
In the classical Tango Salon students learn all tools they
need for attending, enjoying social dancing party -
Take an Authentic (European style) Gypsy dance lesson.  During this class women learn Gypsy music, dance with a shawl and a special,
wide, long (25-32 yards) light, flying Gypsy skirt, study the feet positions. This class is really great fun for women of any shape and
age, to exercises, to get in shape, and to tone the muscles. Learn European Authentic Gypsy Russka Roma Tribal Dance.
Authentic Romani Dance Lessons Roma Gypsy as a STRONG WORK OUT
Lesson#1 -  hands/arms positions. Shawl.  Lesson # 2 - Steps. Lesson # 3 - Combinations.  Lesson # 4 -
Gypsy have entertained Russian poets and Tsars and the art lovers of Paris. Get ready to learn that special tribal Gypsy dance that
combines the melancholy of Russian winters with the fire of well as footwork. In our class the students learn how to interpret the Roma
music through some authentic
Gypsy (Romani) movements
You can understand the soul of Russians by listening to the songs of the Gypsies. Behind every song is a story.  Each performer's style
bears witness to his own unique heritage and tradition.
Russian society of 19 century has admired the songs of Gypsy - the constant pilgrims. Dance melodies became a symbol of gaiety;
songs filled their hearts with sweet sadness. The styles of Gypsy dance vary depending on the country. International festivals are a
form of traveling through Europe.  
The most important is the emotional expression in the music. A performer's interpretation of the music is the crucial. The songs and
dance of Gypsies (nomadic) have the influences of many other cultures.
Gypsy melodies evoke romantic images: vast fields, grazing horses. Even for some who don't speak a word of Russian, these wonderful
songs have the timeless quality that marks all great folk songs.
1 person 1 hour private class only $ 15
1. Detoxification Exercises - a beautiful 1 mile walk is included (Hill or a flat ground)
Latin Dance Lesson -Exercises for any age.  Choose  any 2 dances (30 min each)
3. Stretching Class (Flexibility for Life)
Walking Classes: 1/2 mile  hill up and down, dirt, country roads.
Powerful Walks with a Purpose.  It is a very good class includes a birds watching.
It is a 1/2 mile hill or flat ground walk (Please, bring your binoculars). In April: birds come, looking for a spouse, singing love songs a lot. May: they are making
nests. June: they feed their babies. Oct - Nov: a lot of new colorful birds come again to us
Healing Organic Garden. Pooling weeds, collection flowers. Drawing in the garden
Feldenkrais. Relax and Focus. Healing Therapy Techniques.
Quixote as La La Gitana.  Before the show she said to the students: "Let your own gypsy spirit fly freely"
HEALING ORGANIC GARDEN. It is  a very special class of a working therapy, while learning how to use some health beneficial herbs. By pulling
weeds, planting provided seeds and flowers, learning different herbs, people get inner peace, healing energy of the Earth. This class releases all tension and
anxiety. Students would be welcome to pick some seasonal fruits to take home (oranges, persimmons, tangerines, apples, avocado, as well as different herbs, ice
plants, mint, geranium, at no additional charge. Please, bring a hat, drinking water, gloves.
POWERFUL WALK: HOW IS YOUR SPIRIT DOING?  - It is a special class of different walks with a concentration on a pleasant, positive
approach to your life. How is Your Spirit Doing is a special healing, fitness class with development of the power of focus, power of your own choices. Walks
with a purpose, visualization and deep breathing are tools in this class. This special walks class is teaching how to focus on what you want to achieve, how to
make any of your dreams come true.- This special walk restores balance and perspective when you face the indecision of a crossroads in life. It enables you to
take the high road with choices that may not be easy, but lead to your highest goal,- said Carolyn. It is useful to watch a movie SECRET before coming to this
lesson. After this class all
POLICY: Pre-paid classes are good to take any time during the next 3 month.  REFUND: Refund (per a request) will be recalculated as $20
class/person. Contact us in advance if you have to cancel your class.  If you canceled the class at the same day, it will be counted as the class was taken.