ALLRIGHTSRESERVED@TangoCaminitoschool 2020
The Book: "Master of All Manipulations."  In the book you will go through many twists and
turns, reading about the amazing life stories of the world's best Tango dancers and masters. You will learn how
Tango influences, shapes and impacts the lives and relationships of those who dance it. Furthermore, this book will
give you a great insight into the psychology and history of tango, as well as on the communication and forces that
revolve around this living dance. It has great tips on how to dance Tango well. It is all about Never Revealed Truth
and has chapters about some tango people, who used the power of the dance for different purposes. This dark side
of tango most people don't want to see or admit. But it is still there. Having said that, one must add that such dark
energy is not a very typical for the dance. Argentine Tango psychology is more complex.
Dance for Strong Leaders. The book is about how to become a
strong leader. Explore the most sensual, intimate improvisational dance - Tango. It is
based on two basic roles: the leader, and the follower. Excelling the art of tango
involves not only mastering the leading and the following techniques, but also
exchanging these roles during the dance. The Author, as an experienced dancer and
teacher of Authentic Tango, introduces the methods and tricks of the different
techniques.  She offers a great insight into the key body positions, basic steps and
patterns of tango.  She also tells about the etiquette, traditions, correct
communication between partners during the Milonga, the famous tango party.  
Leading is all about finding your energetic center and working with it in an order to
control your partner in the space and time. While learning tango, you will start to
communicate better with people around you, while increasing your balance,
concentration and mental power. An essential book for both men and women,
beginners and advanced dancers, it will teach you how to be in control of your own
dance and life, while influencing and empowering your partner.  Dancing tango
improves not only your body, by boosting up the level of your energy, enhancing
your posture and flexibility, but it also improves your psychological health.
The Book: "Learn Authentic Tango. Mystery Revealed" - The gives a great insight
into the psychology and history of tango, on the communication and forces that revolves around.
Enter the magic world of tango!
All books have several tango dance lessons and will help you to learn tango faster
Learn how the dance developed. What are the hidden meanings of the Tango movements. This book will help you
improve your Tango dancing and take it to the next level. It has a lot of great leader and follower's techniques, how
to enhance your posture, flexibility and strength.  It is the most comprehensive guides for whoever wants to
understand the tango patterns and meanings.   This book is a must for every dancer who wants to improve their
tango.  It has amusing way to entertain and make your life more enjoyable
This book, as well as the dance is more about romantic tension looking for a release through movements and
different partners. In this book you will explore the passion of tango, will go through many twists and turns,
reading about the amazing life of tango people and improving your own dancing. You will discover how to use your
creativity, energy, concentration, and how to design your own Tango style.  It is a wonderful book, which help to
learn the correct techniques for Leaders and Followers.
This book is a  great insight into the tango, as well as on the
communication that revolve around this living dance form. In
this book you will find many interesting facts about tango.