...no judge I am. But still I say, you were by far the best. I got a taste of your teaching technique at
the Balboa Park. I can see that you obvious are a superior to anyone. In addition, your infectious
enthusiasm is inspiring. I can understand the appeal of the tango at your lessons. Clearly, it's a lot of
fun, at least after gaining some experience and proficiency. Your teaching style is really outstanding.
Robert Harrington
We are Chinese, but I loved to listen and dance Tango since I was 10. You again
re - opened for me a new world of tango. We like how you teach Tango. Your
instructions are very clear and easy for us to learn. We appreciate your excellent
teaching techniques!  Alice and Alan Chau, Orange County
You were so gracious creating wonderful evening for all. The opinion
of all our guests was your performers  and especially you were well
skilled dancers. Congratulations! Again, thank you so much for your
great support. Liliana Binner, The President of The House Of
Regt and I are very happy with your classes. You helped Reg to master the
technique. I love your classic style in tango. We do feel that our private and group
classes have improved our tango dancing. Thanks. You two are the best
instructors! Your knowledge, and all of the above make you really uniques
teachers. Your student Gloria
It was such a great show you performed on my Arg. Restaurant in Chula Vista. I
also want to thank you for recommended Florentino to me. I hope to see you again
at Tango Grille. Sincerely, Cristina Tobon-Chung, Tango Grille
We have enjoyed meeting you and your husband as
well as all e-mailing exchange we had in the past, and
hope the best understanding between your prestigious
school and the Editorial Board of the House Argentina.
Fernando Lopez Diaz, House of Argentina
I would like to let you know that taking Tango from the two of you was a wonderful
experience for me! The passion that you have for it is infectious and inspiring!  
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. Thank you, both of
you! - Your student Jamie
Your performance was so beautiful
and inspiring. I sat up in the front, so I
could see your feet and everything!
Your partner, Victor is a gem. I hope
we all can perform again in some
events. It felt like we were close in
spirit. Sincerely,  Lee Torchia
It was a joy, and an honor to be at
OHI at the same time with you! We all
enjoyed your performance, as well as I
enjoy your videos! They are
outstanding! With love
, Elisabeth from
Victoria, Vancouver Island
It was great to see other dance instructors and tango icons from the community
supporting and enjoying a venue such as Elena with her husband. She was
radiating her usual passion and skills as a great example to all of keeping the
adventure and discovery of tango fresh and alive.
Billie De Simone,
You were magnificent last night at the Russian Theater. I want to tell you and everybody else: you are the best performer in San
Our dance community is lucky to have you teaching here. We are very happy to have found you! Since we began taking your
classes, we've really progressed in our understanding and execution of this  very special dance style. How fortunate for us that
you studied with such master as Gavito! His dancing is so beautiful, classic, and with great feelings, not just show-off flashy
moves, like so many today. Best of all, it's the same style you teach! Thank you so much! -- Lianne & Josep
My congratulations on your exciting Argentine Tango performance for a Halloween Dance! You performed the dance with the elegance and passion that it so
deserves. What a spectacular ending. It was great to see you again!
Mary M
Your lesson was an A+! You helped me with the attitude and the basics steps. You challenged me to perform and the results were noticeable at the next Milonga.
I received feedback that my dancing was greatly improved in a one week period. I feel some of tangos hidden mystery you opened for me. You are my Master, - a
wise and all-knowing teacher!Your wisdom is unquestionable. Thank you for believing in me. John Linares, your student-04
I highly recommend to attend Elena's classes. The teacher learned it from the best instructors of Argentina and around the world.
Their lessons are unique, sophisticated, They also dance it like no others.  
It was such fun and happy day with your show at Bonsall Women Club! While you
were performing I watched the audience and saw everybody felt so good!You are
such a wonderful performer! Your costumes and music was beautiful. You were
very professional. Thank you. Sindy
Thank you for inviting me to perform in your shows, and learn from you. I would
welcome the opportunity to work with you. I have already realized there is not many
instructors here in SD that I could benefit from, but you are the
one of them.- Ron
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to perform for such  a wonderful event, and for organizing it... We happy to do it. Hats off to you both. Del Mar, Ross
Thank you so much for inviting us to participate in such a beautiful dance extravaganza you organized! It was truly amazing to see and meet all the dancers from
around the world. We look forward to sharing more dance events with you in the future. Best Regards, Jeanette & Walter
We all at the Committee of the North Park Main St. Festival were amazed by your professional show. And we wanted to tell you again how wonderful it was.
Thank you for your magnificent performance,- Katrine Korey
Your dancing with Victor looked very technique, and interpretation of Tango is great! Your presence makes a difference in Tango community! I appreciate you!
I enjoyed your performance after Russian Theater.  It was dynamic, musical, strong
and done with a commitment! I can see your passion for Tango in it. Victor has that
real Tanguero feeling in his body! Awesome! It was fun laughing with you and
share this event. I'm so glad I came to see it.  Hugs ans kisses. Yulia
Thank you for your wonderful and very professional
show. All dancers were friendly, courteous and fun. Our
people here in Rosarito will remember this night for a
long time.
Anne Hines. Mexico, Rosarito, Olde Vic
We were watching your rocket success with  an
admiration. You seem to be doing a lot for tango and
community. I admire how you started your company from
scratch and built up a successful performing troupe. I still
remember how gracious you were on the cruise ship
and  helped me. It was a pleasure to have your
company on the tango cruise. Peggy St
Your Show at Champion Anniversary  where you worked fore 10 years - was marvelous. Your tango Master  and Marionette as
story on the music La Nocturna was extraordinary for this type of event. It was very interesting for the audience to watch a
Keep up the good works. Looking forward to the next show. Mark Esk
I personally enjoyed your Performance in our International Fair. I
know that the campus audience did as well. Thank you for sharing in
our cross-cultural experience. It was wonderful. - Danielle, University
in San Marcos
Thank you for teaching us about tango, for hooking us
up to all those wonderful websites! Sincerely, Zeina
I like your publications. You have valid opinions and styles. Your
style is fluid and has a flare of connection. Enjoy and keep up the
good work. John, San Diego
You look beautiful like always, and so
stylish and classy, I love it ! I wanted
to get some ideas from you. We loved
having you share our beautiful tango.
Lots of love and hugs. Camilla, Ross
It is always such a wonderful time meeting you on Milonga! Continue to shine! You are a very kind and noble Lady. See you with shine again soon! Your friend
I have read your post FIRST TIME IN
SD. You are so noble
Lady. You did so much for SD Tango!
You are a fabulous teacher and inspiring artist who live and embody all that you touch. Enicia and Ted
It was a pleasure getting to know you and working with you. We hope to see you again in Daniela Pucci Bianchi
It was the most wonderful show you produced at the Prado Theater
at Balboa Park  for Celebrate Dance Festival. I am grateful to share
that great time with all your dancers. Amanda
Your Carnaval event was the absolute best dance event I have been to in years!
Kathy and I had a blast! Thank you so very much! Hugs, Ken Kad
Thank you so much for your
participation in Celebrate
Dance Festivals. We love
your energy. Nikki
You have no idea how happy and excited I was when Sabah told me: ..." your friend is here!"- You LOOKED AWESOME! I love your energy and your honesty, and how you always say
your mind! Keep it up, girl! Your friend and your tango sister, Zeina
We appreciate very much you encourage us. It was a
pleasure to chat with you and your husband. I loved to
dance with you. Sergio Segura
You being such a great promoter of
tango. We would like to see you
around more. Alberto Paz
You are a great dancer and teacher, I admire Russian people for their passion and strength. I enjoyed our private lessons immensely. Your student, Stefan Bajon
I enjoyed your performance at Balboa
Park and I always happy to meet your
beautiful face and wonderful
personality. Mary M
You inspired me for so many
things in life. I appreciate it.
You are a great Lady!
Thank you for your  hospitality. I will be happy to meet
you again. See you soon! A Tango embrace! Humberto
Thank you so much for your beautiful presence,  passion for Tango! Thank you for your glamour, Elena! You look so much in Love! Colette and Richard
When I entered this website I felt your passion for tango! I felt your energy. I could almost touch it! I knew then I had found my Tango Teacher. Francia, Temecula
Click to enlarge
Wow, we attended your Tango
session on board the Diamond
Princess. It was one of the highlights
of our holiday. Also, your web page is
so beautiful, inspiring!  Passenger,
Anne Marie
Your lesson on the ship was the highlights of our week. Now I
dancing to the rhythm of the music. I was amazed how interested my
husband was, and how fast he picked up on the few moves you
showed us. Many  thanks!  Your web page so interesting! Anne
You are teaching with such joy and enthusiasm! I see also that  you both are tremendous business people. I love your way of teaching. That is why I come. Also,
you look like a movie star, and that is for Real! Thank you.  Your student, Edy Lange, 89 yo
Everyone loved your show at our Golden Door. The narration, costumes and dancing were all top-notch. Cindi Pet
I would like to thank you and your group for such a wonderful show. A complete
success. My residents and their family members were very impressed on the quality
and colorful costumes and dances you performed! - A complete success!  - Elsa
I just had a chance to finish reading your article, and enjoyed it very much. I like your philosophy of tango and your clear explanation. I wouldn't change a thing. The publication is a nice
one. I cannot write with authority about tango as you do. Some of my classmates saw your performance at Balboa Park and raved about you. All the best from Peggy
Thank you for the wonderful and joyful
opportunity you gave me in dancing.  
Also, I want to thank you for the
wonderful show you produced. I hope
one day I can dance as beautifully as
you do, and make you more proud of
me. Your are My Teacher! You are a
gift! Your student,  Elen Dr
I loved your wonderful spirit and energy, and enjoyed so much having you, with
Victor along on some walks I led. Thank you! I hope that you are well, and busy,
and teaching the world to dance and to live big. All the best, Carolyn Scott Kortge
It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are both  such good teachers Looking forward to your lessons every week. Jeniffer
You two are an inspiration to me for being so affectionate and friendly.I appreciate that you always share with me the gifts of your land and time. Helen Draft
I appreciate you very much, Elena, and the vitality you bring to Tango in our area. This last show was exceptional. I always wish
you a great success, as you try and gift the community with your colorful blessings. What I have learned from you about Arg.
Tango has truly been insightful. Your depth knowledge and passion is truly outstanding. Your student, Vincent S
Walid, myself and our dancers so enjoyed the Carnival on Sat the 26th. It was wonderful with exactly the right blend of people. So much fun. We hope to be part
of your dance family for many years to come. Marvena